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Proceeding: FSM-2022-08-03 Trainer for ToT scheme on career orientation in Ukraine

Published : 12-08-2022 19:19:00
Placing offers : 22-08-2022 12:00:00
Offers opening : 22-08-2022 12:05:00
Procedure: Zapytanie ofertowe
Type: Service

Requirements and specifications

Ladies and Gentlemen,

we would like to inform you about the Request for Service conducted by the Solidarity Fund PL in accordance with the attached Procurement Policy of the Solidarity Fund PL. We invite you to submit offers in English via the electronic form (attached).

We reserve that the procedure may end in the failure to select an offer in the event of:

- insufficient funds for the contract, 

- change of the Ordering Party's needs. 

In case of questions: 

- content-related, please contact me via the button "Send a message to the ordering party" (Wyślij wiadomość do Zamawiającego) 

- related to the operation of the platform, please contact the Customer Support Center of the Open Nexus purchasing platform, open from Monday to Friday on business days, from 8:00 to 17:00. phone: 22 101 02 02 e-mail:


SFPL_Compliance_02_Procurement policy in SFPL.pdf pdf 1006.28 2022-08-12 19:19:00 Proceeding
FSM-2022-08-03 ToT - Request for service.pdf pdf 866.06 2022-08-12 19:19:00 Proceeding
FSM-2022-08-03 ToT - Application form.docx docx 462.34 2022-08-12 19:19:00 Proceeding
FSM-2022-08-03 Informacja - Otwarcie Ofert.pdf pdf 611.12 2022-08-22 16:41:50 Public message
FSM-2022-08-03 Protokol - Ocena Ofert - podpisane.pdf pdf 516.34 2022-08-29 13:17:13 Public message


2022-08-29 13:17 Przetargi FSM Fundacja Solidarności Międzynarodowej informuje, że w postępowaniu na usługi trenera trenerów (ToT) na rzecz budowy systemu orientacji zawodowej na Ukrainie wybrano najkorzystniejszą ofertę.

Oferta realizacji zamówienia złożona przez Olenę Shyyan, osobę fizyczną prowadzącą działalność gospodarczą, Lviv, Ukraina, 16 Dontsova St, apt.8, numer identyfikacji podatkowej w Ukrainie 2063818582 o wartości 7 000 euro została uznana za najkorzystniejszą, spełniającą wszystkie warunki stawiane przez Zamawiającego.

Zamówienie jest realizowane w ramach programu EU4Skills na rzecz rozwoju szkolnictwa zawodowego na Ukrainie.

W załączeniu
Protokół Oceny Ofert

FSM-2022-08-03 Proto [...].pdf

2022-08-22 16:41 Przetargi FSM W załączeniu przesyłamy informację z Otwarcia Ofert

FSM-2022-08-03 Infor [...].pdf

2022-08-22 12:00 Buyer message Thank you for submitting your offer. The total ammount the Solidarity Fund plan to spent on the service is equal to 7200 euro. On a day of decription and opening Number of suppliers we will publish Information about Number of suppliers (name of applicant, requested ammount) and in few next day we will publish result of the request together with the evaluation protocol.

Subject of the request

No. Name Description and attachments Quantity
/ Unit
Net price / Unit Vat Gross price / Unit Currency Delivery address Attach
1 Service par.1 and par 2 of the Request for Servivce 1 day - (0)
Currency rates NBP , EUR: 4.2685 PLN

Criteria and formal conditions

No. Name Criterium weight Description and attachments Your suggestion or comment Attach file
1 Price 60% Offer value 0,00 PLN netto
0,00 PLN brutto
2 Duration of the assignement: - Up to 40 working days c.a. 1.09.2022-28.02.2023. Please confirm "I accept" (0)
3 Additional costs - The price should include all costs incurred by the Contracting Authority as part of the service provided by the Applicant (taxes, compulsory social security, health and retirement contributions), as well as the costs of accommodation in Ukraine, food, insurance, local travel (unless travel is ordered separately by Contracting Authority), computer equipment, cellular communication and software (word processor / spreadsheet). .. Please confirm "I acceept" (0)
4 Applicant’s experience in training of teachers in Ukraine 20% point 8.1 of the Request for Service (0)
5 experience in cooperating with Regional Institutes of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education in Ukraine 10% point 8.2 of the Request for Service (0)
6 experience in the career orientation implementation in Ukraine and/or career orientation policy planning in Ukraine 10% point 8.3. of the Request for Service (0)
7 Application Form - Please fill the application form and upload it here Attachment required (0)
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